Old Man Emu rear springs

OME rear springs for 1998-2004 Toyota Tacoma


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Product Description


Fits Toyota Tacoma 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Only!


ORDER 1 per vehicle

2 1/4″ lift complete rear springs priced each with bushings.

May require new U bolts, order separately.

Part number FK21 is usually required for Tailpipe relocation, order separately.

OME Dakar leaf springs feature:

  • Draw Tapered & Diamond Cut Leaves: Ensure the load is progressively distributed over a larger surface area, reducing the high stresses that develop at leaf ends. This provides increased ride quality and protection against leaf breakage, significantly increasing the spring life.
  • Bolt Clamps & Liners: The leaf clamps are bolted to allow installation of anti squeak nylon liners.
  • Fully Scragged & Load Tested: Scragging ensures the spring takes a permanent ‘set’ which reduces the risk of sagging. Load testing ensures the spring meets the required specification.
  • Graphite Coating: To further reduce the friction between the spring leaves & friction pads.
  • Military Wrap: Designed to provide added safety.
  • Anti Friction Pads: Regreasable nylon interleaf liners reduce friction at the leaf tips where the load is the greatest.
  • Flat Axle Seat Area: Allows a positive, safe axle mount reducing spring stress & increasing spring life.
  • Shot Peening: The tension side of all leaves is shot peened to reduce spring stress. This process can double the life of a spring.
  • Two-stage Leaf Pack: Featured on most rear springs for optimum comfort. When unladen the vehicle is largely riding on the primary stage, with the secondary stage providing additional support when a heavy load is added.

Please note: Most Emu Dakar leaf springs have all the listed features, but where design or a physical limitation exists one or more of these features may not be incorporated. Please check with your OME licensed fitter for further information.

Download OME CS046R Installation Instructions


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Q: If I were to purchase this product world I have to buy new rear shocks or can I keep my blistein 5100's in?
— Asked by Jonathan decker on October 20, 2014
A: You would need longer rear shocks. The OME rear shocks will work with that setup.
— http://admin
Q: Do they come as a set of two springs? Or is each side sold separately?
— Asked by Ben Mckee on April 11, 2015
A: Sold as pictures in a set. 2 coils.
— http://admin
Q: how much more weight could you carry compared to stock springs? More specifically could you carry an atv in the bed of a 2004 4wd Tacoma without maxing out the springs? How about towing a Jumping Jack.
— Asked by Clint on March 22, 2015
A: I can’t tell you exactly how much more weight you can carry, but the spring rating on those is 114lb/in w/o weight and with added weight (since it is a progressive spring) 194lb/in. I know they have additional load capacity over stock but as far as how much, I’m not entirely sure. I even asked my tech on this one and he can’t say he knows either. I hope that helps a little though!
— http://admin
Q: Will these springs fit a 2wheel drive 1998 Tacoma? And will I have to change my Bilstein shocks?
— Asked by Norm Landes on March 3, 2016
A: They should fit that year Tacoma and you do need longer rear shocks (preferably OME) to fit these.
— http://admin

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