3 inch Lift with Bilstein 5100 Height Adjustable Coilovers for 2007-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser and 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner

ToyTec 3″ Lift Kit Bilstein 5100 Coilovers FJ Cruiser, 4Runner 2010+

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Product Description

Complete 3″ lift kit for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 FJ Cruiser and 2010 & UP 4Runner with Bilstein 5100  front shocks



Front Lift:

Fully assembled front coil over using Toytec aluminum top mounts and urethane bushings:

  • Bilstein 5100 front shocks
  • Toytec 521600 front lift coils

Preset at 3″ front Lift and able to carry extra front weight.

Rear Coil Option:

  • 2″ Rear Lift “Superflex” coil springs- 10% increase in load capacity/spring rate and a great ride quality.
    When used with provided shocks they add 2″ of more overall rear flex to the suspension
  • Heavy duty HD RCC2.5 coils for additional weight.

Rear Shock:

  •  Extended length Bilstein 5100 rear nitrogen gas shocks for optimum performance on and off road

Also includes:

  • Toytec Lifts Front Diff Drop Kit


2 reviews for ToyTec 3″ Lift Kit Bilstein 5100 Coilovers FJ Cruiser, 4Runner 2010+

  1. 5 out of 5


    Purchased the lift in October and installed the kit over the weekend. The fj looks great and ride great also. Give yourself plenty of time to install, a solid ten hours for our first time changing out suspension system. Follow the instructions, take your time and your hard work will reward you with a great looking result. Front end Alignment will be needed most likely, let the lift settle for a week or so before the alignment. The system will settle over a week or so to the 3 ” lift

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great lift kit! definitely worth the money to do it the right way instead of the cheap kits on the market. I have a 2015 4Runner trail and prior to the alignment it rose very close to stock suspension but obviously higher. After alignment, which is necessary given the bad toe and camber after install, my truck had a lot more feedback through the steering column when going over any uneven or bumps. Highly recommend and great customer service from the guys and gals at Bilstein!!

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Q: Hi, would I need sway bar relocates for this kits? Does this kit include everything I need to lift a 2014 sr5 w/o kdss? Thanks.
— Asked by Andy on February 27, 2014
A: You will not need the sway bar relocate kit. Everything you need to install the vehicle is included. However we do recommend the upper control arms for anything 2.5” of higher.
— http://admin
Q: Can this set be shipped preadjusted for 2" front lift as I would like to avoid diff drop on 2014 4runner trail prem.
— Asked by David on April 29, 2014
A: With that Bilstein 5100 and ToyTec front coil, there are only two settings that can be used and they will give you roughly 1.5” of lift or 3” depending on year, make and model.
— http://admin
Q: Does this lift work on a 2014 4Runner Trail with KDSS? If so, Is this going to lift a 2014 Trail with KDSS by 3"? How capable is this lift going to be off road? Thanks in advance.
— Asked by Newt on May 7, 2014
A: It does work on the KDSS. Do you have any aftermarket weight on the front of the vehicle, or do you plan to have in the future?
— http://admin
Q: Is this a full lift or an spacer front lift like the Revtek 432?
— Asked by Newt on May 8, 2014
A: This is a full lift as you can see by the picture.
— http://admin
Q: So this lift kit will directly bolt on to a 2014 4runner?only asking because it says for a 2007& up also FJ
— Asked by kyle pajarillo on May 26, 2014
A: Yes it will.
— http://admin
Q: I want to put this lift in an 2wd fj. I definitely don't need the 3 in right now. But I am due for new struts and my coil springs are corroded. . What's the least amount of lift I can use. Do the springs inhibit it for simply being at 0? Thanks in advance
— Asked by Jason ellis on December 1, 2014
A: This kit comes pre-assembled on the bottom clip setting and is set for approximately 3” of lift.
— http://admin
Q: Going to be installing on a 2015 4Runner sr5 4x4. Will I need the upper control arms to align correctly? And will the wheels sit cambered if I don't go with upper arms? Reason for asking is I had an fj and did a 3 inch lift and it could be aligned correctly but the wheels sat a little cambered causing the outside of the tires to where differently. Thank you
— Asked by Cody franco on March 13, 2015
A: UCAs are recommended to ENSURE a proper wheel alignment. They are not entirely necessary but if you can afford it I always recommend investing in a set of those. You are completely correct about the camber. Some people aren’t bothered by that but UCAs will fix that issue.
— http://admin
Q: Would I need an alignment after installing this kit?
— Asked by Mike on March 22, 2015
A: There should always be an alignment after lifting
— http://admin
Q: Have a 2016 Toyota Limited 4runner and wanna lift 3" for warranty purposes. Whats the best lift and tire size combo without trimming?
— Asked by Ray Sudo on April 4, 2016
A: This or ToyTec's BOSS kit.
— http://admin
Q: Could I get red coils for the front?
— Asked by Mike on July 6, 2016
A: We may get them powder coated for $250, but you are better off getting ultimate kit
— http://admin
Q: what is the difference between toytec Boss shocks and bilstein 5100??Thanks,Dennis
— Asked by Dennis on July 15, 2016
A: BOSS shocks are more durable
— http://admin
Q: I am looking for 3' lift but want to maintain as soft a ride as possible. Would the boss or the bilstein 5100 lift provide a softer ride.
— Asked by Graig on July 27, 2016
A: the boss lift is better since the coil spring weight is lighter 600 lb vs 620 lb on the TTHA kit.
— http://admin
Q: so is this a true 3in lift or a 2.5??im looking to do a 3in leveled lift on my 2016 t4r
— Asked by jcuesta on August 7, 2016

This question has not been responded to yet.

Q: What size tires can you put on with this kit, 35's?
— Asked by stephan tucker on August 25, 2016
A: We have not tested every wheel/tire size on these trucks, but 285/70/17 tires will fit the FJ on stock wheels.
— http://admin

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