OME 2607 Front Lift Springs for 2005+ Nissan Frontier & Xterra

OME 2607 Front Lift Springs for 2005-2014 Nissan Frontier & Xterra


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Product Description

N OME 2607

Fits Nissan Frontier and Xterra 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Front Old Man Emu 2607 Lift springs for ’05 and up Frontier and Xterra
*Provides 1.5″ of overall front lift when used with stock front bumper and no additional weight*

OME 2607 Coils
(2) Front OME 2607 Coil Springs


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Q: I planning on going with a 2" bilstein 5100 adjustable strut, a 1" spacer, & aftermarket upper control arms (to eliminate any chance of cb contact). I'm wanting a 3" lift on the front. My question is... Will the bilstein 5100 adjustable strut along with the OME 2607 front lift springs give me the full 2 inches I'm looking for before adding the 1" spacer, & keep a good quality ride.
— Asked by Kevin on June 21, 2014
A: I do believe that the front 607 will give about 2.5” before the top plate, however the top plate will cause you to have coil bucket contact. When you go over 2.5” of lift without a top plate you run the risk of topping out the shock very often.
— http://admin
Q: Same as above: SPC UCAs (plus cut/ground coil bucket metal for alignment purposes), OME 2607 coils & Bilstein 5100s. Differences: 5100s on LOWEST setting and a TWO inch top spacer. I do want to limit up travel a little because I'm running 35s with spacers and only chopped the fronts and backs of wheel wells (not tops). Accordingly, I want max down travel. Will this work without hurting CV joints or having 5100s topping out? Thanks
— Asked by Different Kevin on August 16, 2016
A: We typically do not recommend running the OME coil springs on any shocks besides the OME, reason being is that the OME springs are longer than stock and need to be compressed more in order to work. This will cause the stock/ Bilstein shocks to top out and loose down travel. You can however run a 2" top style spacer on top of the 5100 series Bilstein shocks set at 0.5 or 1" of lift in order to achieve up to 3" total lift. We recommend keeping the front lift height at 3" or below for the best cv/ tie rod angles, and best ride quality. With a 2" top style spacer and Bilstein 5100 series shocks in the front you will essentially limit your up-travel by 2" due to the spacer pushing the whole setup down.
— http://admin
Q: Thank you. So if I use OME coils and OME struts, the biggest spacer I should put on top would be 1.5"? Could I put my 2" spacers on there if I take off my front swag bar or does that not help with cv/tie rod angles?
— Asked by Different Kevin again on August 18, 2016
A: Hello you can run a 1" spacer on top of the OME coilovers in order to achieve around 2.5-3" total lift in the front end, when you run the 1" top plate spacer it will require aftermarket upper control arms. We do not recommend running a 1.5' or 2" spacer on top of the OME coilovers as you will likely have cv axle binding issues at full droop.
— http://admin

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