Front 1/2" OME Medium Duty Lift Coils 1996-2004 R50 Nissan Pathfinder

Front 1/2″ OME Medium Duty Lift Coils 1996-2004 R50 Nissan Pathfinder


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Product Description

Fits 1996 to 2004 R50 Model Pathfinder

– Front Old Man Emu Medium Duty Lift springs
– Provides .5″ of front lift with an extra 50-110lbs of front weight. Great for aftermarket front bumpers OR winch

OME 2923X Coils
(2) Front OLD MAN EMU Coil Springs


Q: I own a 2wd pathfinder and wanted to level the front end of my truck, but i also have a very tight budget... when i buy the springs to lift im also going to need struts. how much is this all going to cost all together??
— Asked by IAN STEINWENDER on November 7, 2014
A: Yes we do highly recommend using the OME struts that match the lift coils and use them as a pair. The reason being is that the lift coils are a longer springs and the OME struts have a spring cup that is lowered to help compensate for this in order to give you the most travel and best ride possible. The front struts are $405.62 The front lift coils are $167.38
— http://admin
Q: I have an 03 R50, without any additional front end weight. I do some medium duty towing, camping etc so i was thinking OME medium duty rear coils, and OME stock front. Is this recommended?
— Asked by Ryan on July 27, 2016
A: Hello That setup will work out great for your vehicle and needs, it is recommended to run the OME shocks front and rear with the springs.
— http://admin

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