How to choose proper Upper Control Arms?

There are many different Brands and types of Upper Control Arms. Here we will cover basic three: SPC Light Racing, Total Chaos and ICON Total Chaos: Total Chaos is a high performance upper control arms designed for heavy duty off roading and faster pace off roading as well. It uses a uniball BUT it requires […]

Panhard Drop Kit for 4Runner

Sometimes customers ask us, why is panhard drop kit needed.     This panhard drop kit requires welding in order to install the part and will readjust the angle of the panhard bar therefore every time the vehicle drives through a speed bump or while off roading the axle and the body of the vehicle […]

How to fit 35” tires to Toyota FJ Cruiser

Customers who ride Toyota FJ Cruisers often ask us:   “All the kits I’m finding are 3inch and will only accommodate 33 inch tires. I want to run 35 inch with what I’ve already got done to it. Any suggestions?”   We can answer that: To fit 35 inch tires is a lot of work. […]